Whatever happened to the good old days when phones were attached to walls and you had no idea who was calling? and if you did not pick it up you might never know!

a/c was 480, four doors down going eighty miles per hour and you were lucky if your parents would crack the window while smoking, and while talking about smoking do not forget when going out to eat people had to smoke their cigarettes before and after a meal at the dinner table.

ok not everything was better back in the good old days but it was simple and slower and less rude people all around, people didn’t have a screen between them and their targets and now the week is the strong and the strong is now the weak, the weak can now point out your bad grammar while making you look like a fool and you can no longer be in control and everything you say will make it worse.

back in the good old days rude people didn’t have control because they knew they might get an old fashion butt whooping, sometimes you might run into rude people who attacked you online but it’s very unlikely unless you just live in a small town and you are only friends with people you know in person.

What does that mean society is dead?

It means the way people acted and behaved and conducted themselves is now completely different, the state of minds in the youth are severely out of control and people can no longer post something on social media nationwide without people picking it and ripping it apart without even opening their minds to all the possibilities that could be key.

We can no longer agree to disagree and we can no longer live at peace we must fight! protest! we should make change because it’s the new thang to do.

 most of these youngsters do not even know the correct way to wipe their butts but somehow they think change is needed, you got these people recruiting these young people and they are to ignorant to know any better and they are sold on ideals and used as pawns in the battles of today’s society.

well what can we do to bring back the good old days? well we can start by turning off our phones and just refuse to be a part of the dramas of social media and do not follow like sheep, we can all change the world one person at a time and that one person being ourselves.

others will see but who cares we live life for ourselves not for the sheep, basically slow it down and stay away social media and stop and smell the roses! life is like ice cream you want to eat it slow so you can enjoy every bite and all its amazing flavor.